We had a really great weekend working with Julie Baltar and teaching workshops for her students at Studio Dance 63 and other dancers around the Clermont area!!  It was my first time visiting Clermont, and I was so happy with how sweet the dancers were in this area!  They were all nice with me when I tried my couple French words that I know in the class…. and made me feel welcome to try more and more!!

I promise my French friends….. soon I will be able to speak more and more in the classes!!  Until then, Maxime does a wonderful job translating and taking over for most of the classes!


(level 1)

We really liked having an hour and a half with each of the levels on both Saturday and Sunday…. It made us feel like we had plenty of time to cover everything we wanted to in each class!  We were very happy with how hard everyone worked in the classes…. we didn’t make the classes very easy…. and everyone did pretty good with all the material!!!  We are proud teachers 😉

12644953_10206507577901826_3720600632924791587_n   12654503_10206508384401988_2361828662426165361_n

(level 2)                                                                  (level 3)

Saturday night was super fun!!  The theme: Haut Chic Bas Choc (top chic bottom shock hahahaha) Some of the outfits we saw that night were pretty amazing!  Full suit coats with shorts…. sparkly tops with pajama bottoms….. and even dressy shirts with skirts (for men!)!!!  It was really fun for everyone to look silly together!!  Maxime and I even did our demo in our outfits….. don’t know if that video will make it up on the website though… we looked pretty funny!!! hahaha


In the end… we had a great time with the people of Orcet/Clermont… and can’t wait to be back next year!

Thank you Julie for your hospitality, all the fun times, and especially letting me play with your adorable little boy Nils 😉

Until next time our friends…

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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