Another great year at a great event in Dusseldorf!!

This event is one of our favorites!! We absolutely love the atmosphere… from the PACKED workshops, to the late night dancing in the bar!!  Every moment of this event is always memorable!

We LOVED our ladies and mens styling class on Friday night to kick off the comps… where we did a fun battle combo to Swalla 😉  We were proud of how hard everyone worked in that short hour.. and we hope everybody had fun!

There were a lot more workshop attendees this year, so there were more levels than before!! We had a fun time in each of the classes and loved seeing the progression of the levels throughout the weekend!

The highlight of the weekend was definitely the Saturday night pro  JnJ!!  We loved watching all our friends do their thing.. Maxence & Victoria, Jordan & Virginie…. I got to dance with the awesome Ben Morris.. and Maxime drew the incredible Tatiana Mollmann!  Both dances found here….

And another highlight was the performance of Kyle & Sarah’s epic routine by Benji & Kyle…. If you haven’t seen it…. you need to see it!!!

We always look forward to this event every year… and already can’t wait to see what new things Marc & the team will be adding 😉

Until next time friends!!

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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