Jurassic Swing!

We’re back!!

We had a month long vacation and it was wonderful!!!  Unfortunately I kept with the lazy summer attitude and have gotten a little behind on my blogging!!  EEEEEEK… so here we go 😉

Jurassic swing was an awesome concept for a first time event!!  It was held in a natural park in Germany…. About 1 1/2 hours from Dusseldorf!!  We weren’t sure what to expect when we were asked if we wanted to stay in a tree house….. but the park was pretty amazing!!  We didn’t actually stay in the park, but some of the workshops were held there so we got to see a lot of it.  It was beautiful to have lunch with the peacefulness of the park around you!

The event was small and intimate, which is exactly what the event director, Fabian Schuster, wanted!  The levels were small enough that everyone was feeling like they had a good amount of information for them personally.  We actually really loved the set up of workshops… The only teachers were us and Marc & Mejrem (some German favorites ;)!!)  So Saturday we had about 4 hours with a level, and then we switched the levels for Sunday.  It was nice to have each group for a long block of time to really feel like we could focus on a little bit of everything instead of cutting it after an hour.  We  also ended each session with a quick question and answer forum with the students where they could ask about judging, tips for dancing, or even about how we got started in this community!  It was really great to have this time with the levels!

I think the highlight of my weekend though was during the pro demo on Saturday night!!  We enjoyed the demos of course, but at the end Marc and Maxime decided to show everyone how to play the Pie Face game…. every morning, it was on the schedule to have a Pie Face Wake Up time…. where people played and got the “whipped cream to the face” wake up call hahahaha!!  But Marc and Maxime’s game got so intense with everyone watching and waiting for the whipped cream to fly for someone!!  But of course, both times it landed on Marc 😉

It was such a fun, relaxed, but hardworking weekend for everyone…. and we really hope the event has enough support to do it again next year!!  We enjoyed it, and we hope that more people will come and join the party next year!!

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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