Korea Westival!!


This was our first time in Seoul together!  I had been before about 3 years ago, but I loved going this time with Maxime and also with some other good friends (Kyle, Sarah, Michael Kielbasa, and Irina)!!

Richard and Nam Lim and the whole Korea Westival team were so amazing and so sweet to take care of us over the 5 days we were there!!  They not only organized the weekend, but they also took us out for authentic dinners and guided us all around the city on Monday to show us around and take us shopping!!  We are so grateful for all you guys did!!

Over the weekend, we had 5 hours of workshops and a couple privates as well.  We also judged the competitions and did a couple shows.  The energy of the ballroom was amazing!  Everyone was so loud cheering for the dancing!  It really is wonderful to perform in front of an audience like that!

We did an intro jam on Thursday, a Pro social demo Friday, a Pro JnJ Saturday, and a Pros dance with winners of JnJs on Sunday!!!  Everyone put on a great show in every performance, it made it so fun to watch everyone!!

The social dancing was awesome!!  We thought it was so cute how everyone lined up to get their chance to dance with the Pros… and we were so thankful that the DJ made the songs a little shorter so we had the chance to dance with EVERYONE at the event over the weekend!!!  We like to make everyone happy and get the chance to dance with all the attendees.

My favorite part of the whole weekend…. Saturday night…. before the Pro JnJ…. Richard had the entire event sing “Happy Birthday” to me… in their own languages!!!  It was amazing!!  There were people from Korea, Japan, Singapore, Russia, France and America!!  It was so special to me and something I will never forget!!

Thank you everyone for an amazing weekend in Korea… one we will never forget!!!!

We hope to see you around again soon!!!


-Maxime and Torri 😉

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