Rock the Barn!

This was our first year at Rock the Barn…. in Umeå Sweden!!  We had heard SO much about this event, and how different of an event it is!  Honestly, we didn’t know what to expect…. but we had so much fun!!

This events pretty much outdoors, well in a barn!  And the hotel? hotel… you camp in tents and RVs right outside the barn!!  It is pretty amazing if you ask me!  They also have a dance studio near by that some people were staying at instead of outside in a tent.  We stayed in a cabin with the other teachers for the weekend: Stephen, Sonya, Chuck & Annika.. and we had a blast together!! So much shenanigans 😉

The event has such a cozy feel… there was the Swing 16 on Friday and a few JnJs on Saturday.  But it was mainly about the classes… having a great learning experience before the fun of the social dancing began!  Saturday night was pretty memorable… There was a Tent Contest!!  Yes….. we judged who had the best tent!! There were 4 contestants: the famous Norwegian tent with some drinks and games for all of us to play; the hugging tent where everyone got a hug, a drink, a delicious chocolate ball thing, and a Tarot card reading; the helium balloon tent where we sucked up some helium & sang some Britney Spears; and the winning tent…….the Harry Potter tent!!  Here we were chosen to be in partnerships (by the hat of course) and competed in a dance contest… where if I’m not mistaken Sonya won with her partner the broom hahahaha!!

We had such an amazing time at this event…. and we had so many fun little memories throughout the weekend I will never forget!! Thank you to every one who was so nice and welcoming of Maxime and I into the Rock the Barn family!!  We know we were the new ones… but it felt like we have been a part of it for years 😉 And next year….. I will become Tarzan in the game we played by the fire Sunday night… I was on my way up!! hahaha

Until next time guys!!!

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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