This was our first time at this event in Zurich…. and we had a BLAST!!  Working for Nicolas and Linda was easy and really fun!!  It was a nice weekend…. 6 hours of workshops, not a whole lot of judging, 2 fun demos… and a LOT of social dancing!!!

We liked getting to work with each of the levels, and really getting to change up our classes with each level!  We especially loved the very last hour of the weekend, with the highest Adv/AllStar group….. if you were there… you know why!! 😉 hahaha

We did a quick pro demo on Friday night.. and then a pro JnJ on saturday night…. where we randomly did a partner swap with Ben & Victoria!!  It was a fun contest, and everyone was such an inspiration… as always 🙂

I think Maxime’s favorite part of the whole weekend was during the party on Saturday night when there were a couple platters of cheese and grapes for everyone to snack on!!  I don’t think we will ever have grapes as good as those ones!!! 😉

The only regret we have is not being there long enough to get to go into the city…. and booking our flight so early on monday that we couldn’t hang out at th party as long as we wanted to!!!!

Thank you everyone for all the good conversations and awesome dances!!!

I have been back in the US since this event…. and will be returning next week for Eurodance Festival!!

See you again soon in my second home (anywhere in Europe! lol)

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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