WIL 2017!


This is always an event very special for us, since Maxime is one of the hard working event directors.. along with Virginie Massart, Arnaud Perga and David Riquelme!!  These 4 do such a great job organizing this event…. It was year #9, and better than ever!  Everything runs so smoothly because they have all the organization down now!  It is amazing to see the behind the scenes of how the event is put together!

I feel so honored to be the chief judge of the weekend… it was the first event that hired me as chief judge, so it will always have a special place in my heart 🙂  The scoring team was amazing this year… having John Lindo and Tom Hill helping me with the scoring while I organized the band of judges 🙂  Everyone helping out really made the competitions run so smoothly! I think this year ran even better than the previous year!  Thanks everyone for helping!

We taught one class for each of the levels at the event, and the classes went great!  We really enjoy getting to have some time with the attendees in the classes!! We also performed in the Saturday night Pro show with Olivier and Virginie again… doing our new routine! We had a great time performing with our good friends again 🙂

Saturday night was also the highlight of the weekend for the Swing 16 European tour season 1 finale!!   We had been waiting all year for this moment… and it was pretty epic!!  We were so proud to organize this contest and so happy with the results!  The winners took home 1450 euros each!!  Those winners were Damien Favier (France) and Vivien Feld (Germany)!!!  Congrats you two!!!

Thank you everyone who made WIL a special event…. and we can’t wait to see you next year for the 10th anniversary!!!!!  See you then!!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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