Russian Open!

We had a great weekend in Moscow!  It was my second time visiting Russia, and Maxime’s first time!!  The Russian Open was a really cool experience for us both… We loved getting to meet a lot of new people and work with everyone in the classes.  The level of dancing there is really high, which made the classes really fun and challenging!

 We loved getting to judge the competitions as well, and see everyone performing in their strictlies, Jack n Jills, and routines!!  Overall, the level of the weekend was higher than we were expecting, and we were truly thrilled to be a part of the Russian Open!


One of my favorite nights was Saturday night….. We performed a fun demo, and really had a great time… but in the show was a Carolina Shag team… For me, I have some experience in shag… and I have never seen it grow like it has in Russia!  Brennar Goree has done an amazing job at getting a group of Russian dancers really excited about learning shag and growing the dance in their community.  It was really a heart warming experience for me to see their love for this dance that I also love 🙂 Keep working and growing that dance guys… you are doing amazing so far!!


The last night we got to do something special we normally don’t do at every event…. The staff of Russian Open took the teaching staff downtown and we had a night of sight seeing before we headed off to the airport the next morning!  We saw all of the monumental sights of Moscow… all by night… where it was really cold… but absolutely beautiful!!


Thank you to the whole staff of Russian Open for having us this year, and we really wish you had as much fun with us as we had with you!!


Until next time 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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