This has been one of the most amazing experiences we have ever had together!  The people of Tahiti swing are absolutely WONDERFUL!!!  Not only has this been a teaching trip, but we have also had a great vacation here as well!  We could tell it was going to be an amazing trip the second we stepped into the arrivals area of the Papeete airport and were welcomed by so many people!!!


We started the trip off in Bora Bora…. which was more beautiful than we could have even imagined!!  It was a much needed relaxing couple days before we started our first workshops.. How could you not be completely relaxed with this view??

IMG_0458   IMG_0502

After we returned to Papeete, we began our weekend of workshops and privates!  We were so happy to meet everyone at the first dance on Friday night, and dance with almost everyone!  The community is so wonderful, and everyone is so nice and welcoming!!  We realized in the classes that even though everyone may be on Tahiti time and arrive a little lat etc classes, they are all ready to work and improve their dancing!  Everyone was very invested in the classes and worked very hard with all the material and technique we gave them…. We really love to see that!!!!

And on top of getting to work with everyone, we also got to see a lot of people’s houses… which are all so beautiful and have amazing views!!!  We feel so lucky to have been in such great company and be welcomed into everyone’s homes!!!! Thank you so much Bruno, Taraina, Titaua and Jim for your hospitality!!!

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We woke up each morning feeling like it was a dream and we couldn’t possibly be in such a beautiful place!!  After the first weekend of work, we had a couple days off to go to another island, Moorea!  We rode in Bruno’s boat, actually, I rode in it while Maxime drove it!!  Eeeeeek!!  Bruno was close by of course to help him when waves got a little crazy 😉 It was amazing….. and right before we arrived in Moorea, we came across a group of about 15 dolphins!!  So Bruno drove us around and we played with them for 30 minutes!!!  They loved jumping around the boat and put on such a great show for us!!  That was an unforgettable experience for Maxime and I…. we had such an amazing time!!  While we were in Moorea, we stayed in another beautiful house on the ocean, swam with sharks and sting rays, and went exploring with a group of friends…. we loved every second of being there!!

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After that relaxing trip, we went back over to Papeete for our last weekend of workshops and privates… Everyone was just as enthusiastic about the classes as the first weekend, and we were so happy with the progress we felt we made with everyone!!  It made us extremely happy to hear all the wonderful feedback from people, and we are really hoping we can fit it in our schedule to come back next year!!!!

We loved performing at the dance on Saturday night!  It was a WCS and Kizomba mixed party, so of course we danced on a Kizomba song…. which we both love very much!!  We had a fun time, and we hope we may have at least interested some of the Kizomba dancers in WCS so the dance will grow even more here 😉

Tahiti Swing dancers….. Each and every one of you are so special to us, and made us feel like part of the family!!!!  We really appreciate what you have all done for us over the last 2 weeks, and hope we can come back and visit you very soon!!!  But before then, we hope to see you somewhere in the US or France!!!!

13006460_10154017857085340_486585701107700066_n  13006556_10154019497830340_2314246496974490508_n

Until next time friends!!!

Merci beaucoup!!!!!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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