This event is so amazing in so many ways!!!  It is crazy how many people attend this event, and how there is enough room for everyone to fit into a ballroom to watch competitions or dance!!  Adam, Rita, and Gabor… You worked so hard all weekend and I hope you know it paid off!!!  There are so many special and unique things about this event that no other event can have… And we were so happy to be a part of it!

The location!  So beautiful…. On the river…. And being able to see this view when you left the ballroom was just incredible!  The hotel was so nice too!  Great rooms and restaurants and everything!

The staff!  We had an awesome group of pro’s with us and had a lot of fun teaching, judging, dancing and just hanging out with all of them!  Gary & Susan, Maxence & Virginie, Ben & Victoria, and Jordan & Tatiana…. Chuck Brown was the head judge… And Nicolas Handschuh and Emeline were 2 of the awesome DJs…. and lastly Mr. Victor Loveira as the MC, you were so funny my friend and we love having you in Europe!  Thanks for the fun times guys!


The multiple workshop levels!  Not only did this event have levels 2, 3, 4, & 5…… There were so many people signed up for levels 3 & 4 that they had to break them into 3 different groups…. who all learned the same material at different times!  It was pretty nice for everyone because they now had the space they needed to move and learn the workshops without hitting each other and being miserable!  We loved all of our levels and felt like we wish we had more time with each level by the end of it! 😉

The Pro-Winner JnJ!  This is such a great concept that we both really loved!  Each of the JnJ winners of Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced all getting to dance with a pro for the final show of the weekend!  There were too many pros for all of us to dance, so we drew ahead of time which pros would dance in it… and we were lucky enough to both get picked!  🙂  I got to dance with the Adv winner (Jakub Jakoubek)… Thank you so much for this dance… it was so wonderful!!  And Maxime danced with the Inter winner (Maina Cobarsi)… I know he enjoyed this dance so much as well 😉

Sunday night boat ride!  This was just such an amazing way to end the weekend!!  So unique and really a lot of fun!  Last year they also did this boat ride, but one ship wasn’t enough!  So how did they solve this problem…?  Well by connecting another boat of course!!!  I would have loved to see this image from the outside as well…. two boats connected and going down the river and back up again!  We had such a good time dancing, drinking with friends, and just enjoying the views of the boat!

12508937_10153816542852440_1002715250141687949_n  12508946_10153816513097440_3611852589585144302_n

This was honestly one of the best events in Europe…. Everything about it was amazing!!  This is definitely an event that shouldn’t be missed!  Next year….. make it happen!!!!!

Thanks everyone for all the dances and we will see you all soon!!  Next up…. Hamburg for Anchor Festival!!  See you there our German friends 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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