Westie’s Angels

This was such a fun and different event from what we are used to… Completely created for the followers and helping them work on their technique and feel more comfortable exploring new variations.  Of course we also needed to have leaders at the event, so the group classes focused on how to let the followers create a variation and how the leaders can pick up on it and create something even better from the followers idea!! 🙂 Such a great concept for the event!!  Originally, it was supposed to be a weekend with me (Torri), Emeline Rochefeuille and Virginie Massart… but since Virginie recently had baby Billie…. Maxime stood in for her and taught most of her classes!  I know Virginie’s classes were missed, but I think having Maxime’s point of view as a leader teaching followers was a bonus for the girls who took part of the weekend!

Each of us were assisted by an awesome well-known European leader: I had Stanley Seguy, Emeline had Sven Allegaert, and Maxime had Olivier Duplay.


Overall, I think it was a really amazing experience not only for all the students who attended, but also for us as teachers… It pushed us to teach with the main goal being to help the followers… Which is so different from your typical weekend!!  But I think I speak for all of us when I say it was a very challenging, exciting and successful weekend!!


Thank you Olivier Massart for creating this weekend for the ladies…. and thank you to all the ladies and guys who attended and really dedicated their whole heart into the weekend!!  It was much appreciated by the others in the class, and especially by the teachers!!

We had such a good time with the weekend, and we really hope more events like this will start to show up all around the world!!  Maybe even some more classes for men’s styling!  😉

This was our last event in Europe for the rest of 2015….. We take off for the US Open soon, and can’t wait to cheer all our friends on!!  Good luck to everyone competing… and we will see you soon America!!

Until 2016 Europe…. 😉

Bisous :*

-Maxime and Torri

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