Jingle bells, jingle bells……


Hahahaha Sweden…. we had such a wonderful weekend with you in Falkoping (for all my American friends…its pronounced like Fall-Shopping….therefore I loved the place haha)  Honestly, we really had a great time with everyone.  The people are so nice and quick learners when it came to class time!  We saw a few familiar faces, but for the most part met a lot of new people!  We taught along with Dennis (from Sweden) and Oksana (from Russia)… both incredibly sweet people and a lot of fun to dance with as well!!!  Caroline, Sandra, and Arvid took care of us all weekend and made sure we had anything we needed!


Like I said… everyone was so nice!!  It made for a really great atmosphere for the weekend!

We loved our intensive on Saturday… It was cut off to only 12 couples, so it was nice to be able to look at every single dancer and give them personalized feedback.  Thank you to those 12 couples who attended and made it a fun 3 hours… even if by the end we were pretty much all wearing no shoes because it was so slippery on that floor!

A Swedish word I will never ever forget…. Fika!!!  The swedish people love their fika (aka coffee break) hahaha it felt like we had one every hour 🙂 Another thing that will help me never forget Sweden… My present from Dennis and Caroline…. that alligator bottle opener that I fell in love with over the weekend!!

Sweden, you really left your mark on us…. and during a very sad time in France, you made us smile when it was really needed.  We really hope we will see you again next year…. take care until then!

Thank you everyone!

-Maxime and Torri 🙂

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