Norway Westie Fest!

This was our first time attending this event…but not our first time meeting most of these wonderful people in Trondheim!  We taught a weekend of workshops and privates in Trondheim for Jennie in March 2015, and we were so happy to return to see the growth of this Norwegian community!

We were excited to spend the weekend teaching with good friends… We were alongside Maxence, Emeline, Lee, Fab, Michael Kielbasa, and Catriona.  The workshops were completely packed and everyone was having a great time learning together!

The ballroom had a great atmosphere all weekend… for the competitions but especially for all the late night dancing!!  We loved the couch area for the staff to hang out in while we were taking a break between dances!  The music was great and really made us want to stay up dancing!  The event had WSDC points this year… and I was really happy to be the chief judge for the weekend.  It’s a lot of responsibility, but I actually love to organize the competitions and make sure everything is running perfectly!

Our favorite competition of the weekend is always the Swing 16 tournament!  It really ends the weekend with a fun atmosphere with a lot of people together on the floor!  We are over half way done with the tournament now, and we are really looking forward to the finale at WIL next year!!

We had a great weekend with everyone, and would like to thank the wonderful Jennie for having us as a part of the event!  We hope everyone else had a great weekend with us too, and hope to see you all very soon!!! 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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