Anchor Festival!

Hamburg!  We had such a great weekend!!!!!  Really nice to be in a new city and meet a lot of new people!!!  Hamburg dancers are so nice and hard workers….  Thanks to Julian and Juliane for being the main teachers in Hamburg and helping to spread the dance to new regions!  It really helps when new communities have a great foundation and dedicated teachers to help them continue to grow!

Christian, Julian and Juliane did such great job with the event!  It had a small intimate feeling for the weekend, which is something we really love.  We taught along with Marc and Mejrem; we always have such a great time with these two and were so happy to have them with us for the weekend!  Marc was a great MC for the comps, and brought a fun energy to the room, as always!

There was a fun Jack n Jill on Friday night that mixed the levels together: higher level leaders with lower level followers, and the opposite. 😉  This is always a fun competition because it makes the competition equal for everyone, and the people seem to really enjoy the contest.  Of course there was also the normal Newcomer and Novice JnJ on Saturday night, which was great as well!  Something really great about the contests that we loved were the awards!!  The trophies were different for the mixed JnJ and the leveled JnJ…. very different and fitting for the event!  Both were “anchor” or “boat” themed…. and were very cute!  Everyone seemed to love them too!


Apart from our usual level 1 and level 2 classes, we also had a lady and men styling class!  These are always fun for us to get some one-on-one time with the guys and girls.  Maxime taught a fun line dance for the guys to do on their own, and also had the song played at the Saturday night party for everyone to get up and do.  I had a fun time with the ladies and did a little combination with them to work on variations within their basics.  I didn’t make them do the choreography at the dance because I promised them I wouldn’t 😉 hahaha

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The only thing we regretted about the weekend is that we couldn’t visit the city of Hamburg that we hear is so beautiful!  It was way too cold for us to enjoy being outside.  Maybe next time, but only if it isn’t snowing!!!!!!

Thank you to the Anchor Festival team and to everyone who attended!  We had a great weekend, and can’t wait to see some of you again at Euro Dance Festival…. and the rest of you at D-Townswing!!!!

Take care friends… 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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