Dutch Open!

Oh my goodness….. I am so far behind on blogs for the website!!!  We have been so busy between traveling, planning WIL, and recovering from being sick!  But here goes nothing….

DUTCH OPEN!!  What a great first time event!  We were so happy to be a part of this event, and make history in Holland!  We taught alongside some good friends:  Olivier and Virginie, Alexandre and Christelle, and Sven and Melena!  The weekend had a great close-knit atmosphere…. and we loved getting to meet people from a new WCS community!  We think that it is so nice to be able to meet new communities…. it doesn’t happen very often anymore!  We think that Manoah and Femke have done a really great job growing the WCS in their area… and we can’t wait to see the progress that will continue over the next couple years!

It was really nice to see how many surrounding countries came to support this event…. There were a lot of familiar faces from Germany and Belgium especially…. but also from France as well!  Overall… we loved the atmosphere that everyone helped create with their attendance at the DOWCS!

The shows… We had a quick social demo on Friday night with our partner…. to set the mood for the weekend and get everyone ready for the workshops ahead!  On Saturday night, we did a fun JnJ with the staff…. where the guys picked their favorite song to dance to and threw it in the mix for anyone to dance to!  I drew the sweet and wonderful Sven… and had such a fun time with him!  Thanks Sven for a laid-back and nice dance 😉  Maxime got the amazing Melena (from the US who is currently living in Amsterdam!  It is always nice to see a familiar American face in Europe lol).. they had a great dance as well… I loved their song and thought they did pretty wonderful to it 🙂

Overall….. we had a very fun time at DOWCS….. Thank you so much Manoah and Femke for having us!!! And we wish you the best of luck with future Dutch Opens!!!!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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