We had a very quick but fun weekend in Montpellier!  We arrived Friday late afternoon, and left Sunday morning!  On Friday, we had a separate mens and ladies class for an hour, and then put it together to see how it all worked with a partner.  We really love this concept, as it feels like the guys and girls each get some in depth time with Maxime and myself, and then also get to see how it works when we throw a partner into the equation!  We have had a lot of success with this concept and think its great for everyone!  After the classes, we had a little pre party before the workshops… and we got to see a lot of friends from around the area who came out to dance with all of us!

Saturday was the long day…. 6 hours of workshops…. 2 hours with each level! (Intermediate, Advanced, and Competition) We felt like the levels were really great… and we had a fun time challenging the competition level!!  The time flew right by us because we were having a great time with all the levels!!

After the workshops, we had a little break to rest before the big party 🙂

There were so many familiar faces who came just for the dance that night… and it was really great to catch up with everyone.  We kept going from the dance floor, to hanging out and back and forth all night until we finally crashed around 2:30 in the morning!!

We really had a wonderful time in Montpellier with all the dancers…. Thank you so much Alexandre Hulo for having us and taking care of us over the weekend!!

We hope we will be back soon… and if not… We hope to see most of you at WIL!!!!! 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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