We had a great time in Nantes!  It was my first time, and I really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and seeing plenty of familiar faces!  Francois Gastine organized the weekend of workshops, and I think they were pretty successful!!  We also had a fun interview on Sunday that will be featured on a website…. as soon as I get more info about it I will post the link here 😉

We really liked the way the workshops were put together, it made things different from the usual weekend.  We started each day with a ladies only class with myself, followed by a guys only class with Maxime.  Then after lunch we put the two classes together to see how the styling worked with a partner!  I think it was great to have time alone with each group to really break down the styling, but also seeing how it worked with a partner was really beneficial!

Saturday night was such an awesome atmosphere!  There were so many people at the dance that we reached our maximum amount of people allowed in the room!!  The room was so hot, but people didn’t seem to care!  They kept on dancing until the end of the party at 1:30 in the morning!  We did a fun demo to Magnets by Disclosure and Lorde….

Here it is for you to check it out 😉

Thank you to Francois for having us, Pierre-Yves and Claire for hosting us at your beautiful house, Alex for the awesome food, and everyone else for all the fun dances and memories from the weekend!!

Maxime will be back in Nantes for more fun in June with Olivier, Virginie, and Henriette 😉  but I hope to see you all very soon at another event 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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