It was a quick trip to Lille…. I wish we could have stayed longer…. and maybe without me getting really sick!!  I’m sorry to everyone that I wasn’t able to dance at all at the party on Saturday night!!  I had a stomach problem and couldn’t keep anything down….. I won’t go into more details… hahaha But I am feeling much better now!

The workshops on both Saturday and Sunday were all very fun and I enjoyed getting to know the group dancers from the North 😉 I can’t wait until we are back in Lille in June so that I can hopefully dance with everyone and be a lot more social than I was this weekend!!!

Even though it wasn’t the best I could have done….. we did do a demo on Saturday night… and it was a special demo for us…. We danced on a song that was by Maxime’s cousin Charlie… All of her music is beautiful.. and we were very happy to dance to this song 😉

Thanks for being so understanding of me not feeling well…. I’m so sorry again!

Until next time Lille!!! 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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