Midland Swing Open!!  This was our second year at this event, and we had an even better time than the previous year 😉  Last year, the event was held in Manchester, and this time it moved back to it’s original hotel in Birmingham.  The hotel was really nice and the ballroom was great!

The workshops were very different from most weekends; instead of having level numbers, the workshops were geared towards whether people wanted to focus more on the social part of the dance or the competition part!  We really love this concept because it is so nice to go into a class and know that everyone there is ready to learn how to be a better competitor on the floor, or that they just want their dances to feel good and have fun dancing at night!  We also had an All Star level class, which is always fun to push the highest level of dancers to their full potential and try to make them do things they have never done before!

The competitions were good, as always!  We ran the Swing 16 competition again, and it was a great atmosphere with the two emcees we had…. Maxime for team blue (allez les bleues haha) and Kyle for team red (Redd for red haha) They were really funny with the competitors, the audience, and each other!  It was a great atmosphere, as always!!  We are so happy that everyone is enjoying the competition 🙂

We loved spending time with our friends Kyle, Sarah, Maxence, Virginie, Emeline, Paul, Coleen, Lee & Fab!  It’s always a good weekend when you are with good friends 🙂

Thanks everyone for the fun dances and we hope to see you around soon!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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