Norway Westie Fest 2017!

Aaaaand that’s a wrap for our summer vacation!  We started back to a busy last part of the year with one of our favorite events… Norway Westie Fest!! We love to work for Jennie Spanning.. she is so easy going and the event is so well organized!! It was also a wonderful addition to the NWF family with her little Prince William!! 🙂

The people in Norway are so wonderful and have such a great time at the event… they really make all of the people who aren’t from the country feel very welcome! We were on staff with a really awesome group of teachers… Lee & Fab, Maxence & Virginie, Semion & Maria, and Catriona as the emcee for the weekend!  We taught 6 hours of classes, and I also head judged for the weekend.  It was nice to work with my buddy Roar again! He’s a great scorekeeper!

We had some flight issues getting to the event… so instead of arriving on Thursday night, we missed the pre-party and were stuck in Amsterdam for the night!!  We were so excited about the pajama party theme…. so we decided to move the pajama party to Friday night for the pro staff!  We probably looked crazy…. but we had a fun time!!

We danced to a very special song for me on Saturday night…. and we had a wonderful time!  It was a shag song, and as I used to dance shag… it was nice for me to be able to do a West Coast demo on a shag song!  I even taught Maxime a little shag step we could do during the dance 🙂 Thank you my love for sharing that special moment with me!

This year was a very special year for NWF… its was the 5th edition! So we celebrated the event’s birthday on Saturday night with a big cake and a lot of dancing!!

We were so happy to be back this year, and can’t wait until the next year!! If you have never been… You should try and come!! It’s a lot of great social dancing, comps, and workshops for all levels!!

Hope to see you there next year!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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