Sea Sun & Swing!!!!

Wow what a great year at SSS!!!  I have always wanted to be a part of the whole event, but I could only come for one weekend before!!  It was my first time being on staff and teaching at SSS…. and it was so much fun!!  I honestly have no idea how so many people are ready to learn and work hard in workshops when they are so close to the beach and the weather is so amazing!!!!  It was hard for me to get up and work… I can only imagine how hard it is to not skip a class and stay in the sun 😉

Anyways…. Paco does a great job and mixing the serious times and the really fun times of the event!  Almost every night there was a different theme that people could dress up for… There was plenty of time for social dancing…. There were different venues for the social dancing so it kept it new and exciting…. And most importantly… there was a day off right in the middle of the 10 days to give people a chance to recover and refresh for the last 4 days of the camp!!! hahaha

This year there were 4 different levels… and we were pretty impressed by all the levels!  We think everyone who took the classes were very eager to learn and ready to be challenged, which any teacher loves to see!!  We had 4 hours with each level over the 10 days, and we also got a little more time by assisting in other classes, and in the lady’s styling intensive with me! 😉

The first weekend was organized to be the competition weekend!  It was nice to see how many people came to support the competitions!!  Maxime was the emcee for all the comps… and I think he did a pretty fantastic job… but I may be a little biased 😉  But he really brought a great energy to the ballroom for the comps and it made everything really enjoyable!  We had another round of Swing 16 on Sunday… and it was another very successful run!!  We are really loving the atmosphere this competition brings to a weekend…. and are starting to get really excited for the finale at West in Lyon 2017!!!

The staff was a super fun group of teachers to hang out with for the week… we had Jordan & Tat, Ben & Jen, Brennar & Autumn, Maxence, Emeline, Chuck, Stephen & Sonya, and some new friends Reda for hip hop and Xandy, Anderson & Brenda for Lambazouk!!  Honestly, a very inspiring staff and we felt lucky to be alongside them in the show and all week long!

My favorite part of the whole week was the beach parties!!  I loved the club/bar on the beach with the couches outside and the dance floor all around…. it was such an amazing atmosphere and I’m so happy we had 3 of the parties there!

I think it was a pretty successful year of Sea Sun & Swing…. and I hope that if you are thinking about coming next year, you book it and come have an amazing time in the south of France with us!!!  We will see you there next year!!

Thanks for all the memories friends 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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