Workshops at Evi’Dance!

We had a great time teaching in our French hometown, Lyon!!  It was the first time we have taught together at the Evi’Dance studio… And it was a really awesome turn out for the classes!!  We had so many couples in both the Novice/Intermediate and the Intermediate/Advanced classes!!!

We worked on some fun things, and we really hope everyone had a good time with us!!

It was really nice to see how many people came out for the party after the workshops!  There was such a fun atmosphere during the party!

We really hope we can fit it in our schedule to come back to Evi’Dance for another quick night of workshops sometime…. It’s always nice to work near home with the local community!!

Thanks Stephane, Amandine, and Julien for having us!!

Up next…… FRENCH OPEN!!!

À jeudi les amis!!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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