Another great year at Disney for the French Open!!  We always love being at this event for so many reasons!!!  This year even more than previous years….

First…. The venue set up…. It’s very rare to have a huge ballroom in Europe; so when we attend an event with one, we always love the atmosphere!  The backdrop with the giant Mickey head is such a great addition to the event….. It really is what people think of when they think French Open!  And the lighting of the event is always amazing… During all the routines, shows, and even social dancing the lights are just perfect and really make the competitions more intense!

The staff… Olivier and Jean Jacques do a great job with organizing the event, and keeping everything on time and everyone happy!  Oli is always present being on the mic the whole weekend, and JJ was running the bar most of the weekend with some helpers…. Making sure everyone was getting crepes and hot dogs and drinks whenever they wanted… I don’t think the bar ever closed until they ran out of all food and drinks on Sunday!! haha For the teaching and judging staff…. its always nice to see familiar American friends, as well as European ones 🙂 We had a great time teaching alongside Jordan & Tatiana, Ben & Victoria, Brennar & Henriette, Hugo & Stacey, Bret & Joelle, Arnaud & Virginie, and Stanley & Coleen! We had some pretty fun times between judging and dancing at night… Thanks everyone for all the great talks and memories we created! 😉

The social parties…. They were really fun this year!!  We had such a fun time dancing that every night we were having to force ourselves to go to bed so we wouldn’t be exhausted in our workshops the next morning!!!!  All the DJs were awesome…. and we had so much fun with the line dances Friday night!


The shows… By now most of you have probably seen all of the shows from the weekend…. If not I will put them here after a little explanation… 😉 We had our usual improv demo, which is always so fun for us!  We love finding new music and challenging ourselves to try and be different and put on a good show!

I also had a second demo in the show… With one of my wonderful past partners Brennar Goree!!  He was supposed to be teaching with his partner Autumn Jones, but she had a last minute emergency that kept her at home…. So when it came time for the show, I decided to help out and try to relearn Carolina Shag and do the show with Brennar!  I had such a fun time!  Thanks for having the patience to help me B!

And lastly, the show ended with a special show that occurs every two years… Maxime and Olivier put together a funny routine for everyone!!  This year, the routine was put together very quickly…. but it was just as funny as ever!  This time it was a Spanish themed mix, with some special guest appearances from the awesome Arnaud, Achile, Remy & Marie!!  Hope you get a good laugh from this 😉 We did!

We ended the weekend with another round of the Swing 16 Euro Tournament!!  It was super successful and we think the tournament is really starting to pick up!  Everything ran much more smoothly than at WIL… It makes us so happy that everyone is really loving the concept and participating!!!  We really think the grand finale is going to have a lot of money in the pot for the winners 😉  Can’t wait!!!

Thank you everyone for all the laughs and dances…. We really had a great FOWCS weekend!!  Already looking forward to next year 😉  Hope to see you all there!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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