We loved Scotland!!  But we really wish we could have seen more of Glasgow!  It was a first time for both of us in Scotland.. and we really hope we can make it back next year to see more of the beautiful country!!

As for the event… it was the first year for the Scottish Swing Championships… and we think it was pretty successful for a first time event!  Next year, there will be WSDC points, and that is only going to help this event grow bigger and bigger!!  We were excited to meet new Scottish friends, but also very happy to see old friends from all over the UK and even some French friends 😉 The people of Scotland were so sweet and friendly…. Even if we couldn’t completely understand everything that was said to us the first time with the strong accents!! hahaha 😉 All kidding aside… we really enjoyed getting to know everyone, and hope to see more of the Scottish community very soon!!

The workshops were PACKED!!  So many people ready to learn that we actually had to add the private lesson floor to the edge of the main dance floor to make more room for everyone!!!  It was a greta ambiance in the classes and the competitions as well!!  We were happy to see everyone step up and help the event get enough competitors to gain WSDC points for next year!  Everyone cheered on everyone… and that is always a great thing to see!!

Once again, we got to run the Swing 16 contest on Sunday afternoon… and we had just enough competitors to run the final of the tournament 🙂  We were content with getting 16 couples… but next year we are really hoping we can double that number!!!  We really appreciate all the participation from the competitors, and the positive atmosphere it brings to the end of the event!  Congrats to the winners of the event… and we really hope everyone had a great time with us!


Thank you everyone for such a great weekend in Glasgow…. and we hope we see everyone again in the UK very soon!!! Keep growing the community… and we hope we will be back next year! 😉

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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