Windsor Workshops!

Such a quick, but awesome and fun-filled weekend!!  Maxime has been to work for Cat and her group of dancers for the past 3 years… but this was my first time being in the area since Swing V 2009!!  The growth of this community is incredible!!  Everyone works so hard and truly loves this dance… that is a wonderful thing to see from our position!  The local teachers have really done a great job helping this community grow… and we felt really happy with all we accomplished this weekend with our friends from around the UK!

For the workshops…. we really didn’t go easy on the students at all!!!  So thank you to all the people who took the classes and tried their hardest the whole time!!  We really appreciate all the effort you put into the classes, and seeing you guys practice the concepts we covered at the party on Saturday night really made us smile! 🙂

We also loved our special Friday night class with the Advanced group… We hope we pushed you guys to help grow the community even more… in fun and different ways 😉 Honestly… we got to see a lot of people that we haven’t seen in such a long time… and it was lovely to catch up with them…. You all know who you are… and thank you for the fun conversations and weekend  in general!

Saturday was very special for us…. Catriona asked us to perform our “Marry Me” routine for the group… So we made some changes to it and it felt like performing a new routine!!  We really enjoy dancing this routine… As it feels like a special moment in our lives that we get to share with everyone through our love of dance… 😉 Thank you everyone for your kind words about the routine, and we hope we will perform it a couple more times throughout the year…. 😉

Thank you Catriona for having us out this year… and we are already looking forward to next year!! Check out our calendar soon to see when we will be back… Sometime in May 2017… Stay tuned for the exact weekend!!  Thanks UK friends for back to back fun weekends!!!

Until next time,

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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