Lille (Le Ch’ti WIL!!)

Back in Lille for the second time this year!!!!  And I can honestly say my experience was MUCH better this time!!! In February.. I got some stomach bug and was sick all weekend… This time I was able to be 100% in the classes, get through a full demo without wanting to throw up… as well as dance with a lot of people at the party on Saturday!!  Woohooo!!!

Everyone is always so sweet in Lille.. The group of people that show up are ready to learn, but wanting to have a good time as well!  Those are our kind of people!!  The classes were really great.. We split each two hour block of classes with our good friends Olivier and Virginie.  We love traveling with them…. especially since the addition of sweet Billie!!!  She makes everything more fun 😉

We were especially happy with the beginners level… This group was mainly the group of dancers who started West Coast Swing in September… and they were awesome!!  They picked up on some pretty difficult concepts from both us and Oli and Virgie… and we were all impressed with their capacity to learn!  We can’t wait to see how their level is when we return in February!!

There was a special class that was very fun for me… and that was the Lady’s Styling class I taught with Virginie… We created a fun little choreography for the girls to a song…. and honestly didn’t think we would get through it all… But we did!!!  We know the girls were a little overwhelmed with all the information….. but they did awesome!!!!  It was supposed to be fun as well as work different aspects of their dance that they could hopefully work on at home 😉  We hope they enjoyed it!!

Here is a quick look at our demo from the weekend!

Thank you everyone for such a fun weekend!!  We really enjoy the people of Lille and all around who attend these weekends…. It really makes our job not feel like a job 😉

We will see you guys in February!!!!

Merci beaucoup et à bientôt !!!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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