We love this event!!!  It is so special to us…. and we are so happy to be there each year!!

This year was the best so far for us…. We got to teach together for the first time at this event!!  We have been there for all 3 years of this event… but with different partners!  So it was nice to be able to share the classes with each other this year!

The atmosphere is incredible at this event!!!  Marc Heldt and his team work so hard at making this event amazing for every attendee… I really don’t know how they do it!!  Everyone is always having a great time… in the workshops, at the parties, in the competitions…. literally ALL THE TIME!!

The dancing starts in the main ballroom after the comps…. and slowly moves into the bar… with one of the best social atmospheres we experience all year long!!  We seriously love the dancing in the bar and hanging out on the side getting to catch up with everyone!

This year was so much bigger than previous years… And a lot more international people!!  It’s nice to see an event grow… especially when it is organized by such a good person and friend!  Marc puts in the effort all year long to grow his event… traveling around the world… supporting other events… and really making the WCS community his main priority!  His hard work sure has paid off 😉

We had a really fun time in the Champions Jack n Jill on Saturday night… Maxime got to dance with the lovely Sarah Vann Drake, and me with the wonderful Maxence Martin!!!  We really enjoyed dancing with you guys.. its always fun!! 😉

Lastly…. SWING 16!!  OMG…… it was EPIC at its first time in GERMANY!!!!!!!!  The Germans sure brought a super fun element to this contest!!!  We haven’t laughed so much before!!!  It got a little crazier than we were expecting…. but we were so happy with the atmosphere of the room!!!!!  And the best part…. the finals was filled with Advanced and All Star dancers…. but the winners….. An Intermediate leader and a NEWCOMER follower!!!!!!!  So cool that this contest is growing around Europe…. We are so proud of it and can’t wait for the finale at West in Lyon 2017!!!!

Thank you to all our German friends for such a great weekend…. We will be back for Jurassic Swing in a month… and the German Open in August!!!!


-Maxime and Torri 😉

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