Budafest 2018!

Another great year (as expected)!!!!

We love to start off our year with this event!  It is in such a beautiful city, in an amazing hotel, and filled with wonderful dancers from around the world!!  This year, I think there were more International dancers than any other year!  It’s so great to see all the support! 🙂

We taught 9 hours of workshops to 4 different levels of groups!  The setup of workshops is always great.. and we enjoy working with all of the groups!!

Our favorite part of the weekend is always Sunday… We love the Pro JnJ… followed by the Pro-Winners JnJ…. and ending the night with a cruise around the beautiful river at night time with some social dancing!!  We ended up drawing each other in the Pro JnJ.. and only Torri danced in the Pro-Winner JnJ where she drew the Novice winner (Armand Buisson)!!

Maxime felt so bad all weekend that he couldn’t be out social dancing more…. but if you didn’t hear, he had a really bad tooth infection and had to go to the dentist as soon as we got back to France on Monday…. He always loves the social parties at Budafest, and was upset to not be able to participate as much as he wanted to!!!

We always look forward to this event… and can’t wait until next year’s event!!!  We hope even more of you will join us next year…. and we hope that next time Maxime won’t have a tooth infection next year!!! haha

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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