Rock Bottoms 2017!

This event is always so unique… and we love it so much!!!!  It’s not just a WCS event… there’s a lot of other dances too including Modern Jive, Lindy, Charleston, and some Ballroom too!

This year, we were the WCS teachers along with the wonderful Jang Wilder and Estelle Bonnaire!  They are really good friends of ours, so we thoroughly enjoyed getting to hang out with them and share this amazing weekend with them!!

The classes are always fun because of the great humor and fun vibe of the event!  Because the event organizers are so fun, everyone who attends just wants to have a great time with them!  🙂  Andy, Tor, Hev & Jon… we always love being a part of this event!  It’s been 3 years for us together, and we hope we will be at many more!!

There is a beginner track of classes during the weekend, where people are literally learning the rhythm of the dance for the very first time!  It’s a nice change to have a very beginner track like this… and makes us feel as if we are doing our part to help the community grow!!

Our highlight of the weekend… like every year here…. was the Sunday night show!!! (If you look back at my previous Rock Bottoms blogs, I’m sure I mention that it is my favorite part!!)  It is the best for us because we get to put on a show by acting instead of only dancing!  There are always these in depth skits we get to perform with all the teachers that just crack us all up and really bring the weekend to a great end.  This year’s skit involved all of the teachers going to see a movie…. where Maxime was “the perv”, and I was “the totty” (apparently in British terms it’s like the hot girl hahahaha)… Other roles that were up there with us were “the sleepy one”, “the jumpy one”, “the grabby one”, and “the annoying couple” (who happened to not be able to sit next to each other.. lol)

If you have a good imagination…. you might be able to think of ways this got super funny… especially since it was a “horror film” we were watching… with popcorn flying, ice cream getting thrown when a scary noise happened, and lots of people getting grabbed and kissed hahahaha

Rock bottoms is one of our favorite weekends of the year… and we really wish that more WCS people could join us for this wonderful fun event!!

Until next time!!

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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