Workshops for SalsaVirus!

We had a quick, but intense weekend in Geneva last weekend!!  We were there teaching 10 hours of workshops over the weekend, for two different levels!

Saturday, we had a pretty long day.. 2 hours with the Intermediate level.. 2 hours of styling with the Intermediate and Advanced levels mixed together.. and finished the day with 2 hours with the Advanced level!!  It was a really nice size of group for each of the levels.  There weren’t too many people, so we were really able to help each person individually where they needed help the most!

We really love the chance to get around to every person in the class!!

On Saturday night, we had a fun night with dancers from all around Geneva who came to support the dance and hang out with us!!  We did a fun social demo, along with a performance from Alexandre Peducasse & Christelle Antenucci… who are practicing their routine for the US Open!!  It was special for us to perform with them, because we choreographed their routine!!  So it was nice for us to see the progression of the routine and watch them grow with the choreography!!

Sunday we had 4 more hours of workshops (2 with each level) and that was it for the weekend!!  We really hope we can make it back to Geneva next year for another workshop weekend… and we really hope more people from the surrounding cities come to support the workshops!!  We had a really great time, and would love for you to join us if you can next time!

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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