This was a fun and new experience for us, as it was our first time working with the Austrian West Coast Swing community!!  The event had the feel of a Euro Dance, with multiple dances in the same event!  We love these kinds of events because we get to see our friends from different styles of dance, which doesn’t happen very often!  We love to learn their dance, as well as share ours with them!

The event was in Velden, Austria at a casino!  The venue overlooked a beautiful lake, and the city of Velden was so cute!  We want to go back to visit more of the city; we didn’t have enough time this trip!

The set up of the classes was a little different than a normal weekend for us: the first day we had 4 hours of classes with the teachers of Austria, to teach them how to bring West Coast Swing into their dance schools.  We talked about a lot of things with them and gave them our advice on how to teach beginners and help them learn to love WCS from our personal experiences.  The next day was 4 hours of classes for the students of Austria!  We saw new faces, and familiar faces… and it was a fun day of classes for everyone!

Our favorite part of the weekend had to be the Saturday night traditional Austrian ball!  Everyone got dressed up in suits and long dresses and enjoyed a night of performances and fun dancing!  At the end of the night, we were all asked to participate in a traditional dance.  I don’t think we have ever laughed so much!!! It was such a fun time running around, changing partners, and laughing with everyone!!

We truly enjoyed this trip!  The people are all so sweet and we loved to meet the Austrian community!! We hope to see you all somewhere soon, and hope to be back in Austria someday!!  Thanks for all the great memories! And thank you Manuela and the whole team for having us 🙂

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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