French Open!!  It was a great and memorable last year at the Disneyland New York hotel in Paris!!! We were so happy to be a part of the staff again this year.. French open is always a great time with great friends!

We had 4 workshops throughout the weekend, all of which were really fun and a good time!

We loved watching all of the contests, especially the Pro Am routine division, and all the junior contests!!  It’s so nice to see these new divisions in Europe… and we really hope to see them at more events across Europe.

We also had a good time dancing in the Pro show on Saturday night with our MOVTigh routine with Olivier & Virginie Massart. It was a really entertaining show because it was mixed with the Zouk congress in the same hotel!  So there were 10 numbers, 5 Zouk and 5 West Coast Swing/Lindy.

The Sunday Pro Jack n Jill show was also really fun, since it was Disney themed and we all got to pick which songs we wanted to dance to!  I danced with the wonderful Jerome Fernandez, and Maxime with the beautiful Emeline Rochefeuille…. But I think the highlight was the Circle of Life, preformed by Ben Morris & Coleen Man…. with the special appearance from Billie Massart hahahah If you didn’t see it…. go find it on youtube!!!! 🙂

We also started the new season of Swing 16 this weekend…. and the finale will be at FOWCS 2018!  So follow the season 2 around Europe to participate in the finale!!  Next up on the tour we have Dtownswing in 3 weeks 😉

We hope to see you all next year at French Open in the new location!!  Get ready for another awesome year!! 🙂

-Maxime & Torri 😉

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