WCS UK!! (take 2)

We were so happy to be back in London (well not really in London…. but with the London community!!! haha)  We love our annual trip out to work for Catriona and see the progression of her group of dancers!

This year, we had 2 days of workshops.. with 4 hours of workshops each day!  The classes all went by so fast because we were having so much fun with the attendees!  We had so many laughs with everyone… and really always enjoy our time with this group!  It was nice to see many familiar faces, but also to meet so many new people too!!

The dance of Saturday night was packed!!  The room was so hot from everyone dancing, but filled with a great energy!  It was great to see all the people who came out for the social party to hang out for the night!

The weekend flew by so fast, it felt like we were only there for a day!!  We wish we could stay longer to hang out with everyone more… but there’s always next time!!

Thank you everyone for the great  memories and dances!  We appreciated everyone’s focus and hard work during the classes… and the fun attitude at the party 🙂  Thank you so much Cat for bringing us back again to work with your group!  You know we love it!!

See you again in September for MSO!!  And if we didn’t get the chance to dance with you last weekend…. save us a dance then!!

Thanks everyone!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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