Budafest 2017!!

Another great year at Budafest… which we had no doubts about!!

We love so many things about this event!  The location, the hotel, the organizers, the dancing, the staff… pretty much everything!!  We really look forward to attending this event every year.  It was so nice to see so many Americans attending this year!!  I think its amazing that Americans are starting to travel to European events.. and I hope to see a lot more of it!

This event is so well organized, the timing of the schedule is just about perfect!  So much happens in one day, and there are so many attendees of different levels who participate in different workshops… It must be so difficult to plan it all and make sure the timing works for everyone!  Making sure the teachers have practically the same amount of workshops and levels can’t be an easy task!  But the team really has it down great!!  Each year we see improvements in the schedule that makes it a little better each year!!  It really makes a difference when an event has directors that put their whole heart into the organization of the event!!  We appreciate all Adam, Rita and Gabor do for the event!!

For the workshops, it seemed like there were even more people than last year!!!  There isn’t enough space in each of the rooms for all the people who want to take the classes… so they have to split the levels into different groups!  Level 2 had 1 group, Level 3 had 2 groups, Level 4 had 3 groups, and Level 5 had 2 groups!!  Each group was so full we still barely had space to dance, but it was a great atmosphere in all the classes!!  We know it’s a lot of information for all the attendees who take every class they can, so we tried to make our classes as fun as possible and make sure everyone had a good time 🙂

We ran the last preliminary contest of the Euro Swing 16 on Thursday of Budafest… We are starting to get super excited for the finale at West in Lyon!!!!  The competitions were packed, again with more people than the previous years!  I believe this event has the most competitors in Europe… and it may even be safe to say in the world!! There are so many International people who travel to this event, it really makes the atmosphere quite amazing!  I heard over the weekend that there was a live streaming of the event, and they had the most viewers watching on Saturday night than any other event in Europe!  That is pretty incredible and I wish it will only grow from there!!

The pro shows were inspiring, as always, and it was a true honor to be dancing alongside some of our best friends 🙂  We had a fun time in our demo together, with a little tribute to our friends Jordan and Tat 😉 and a great time in our JnJ with Ben Morris and Ninie Grondin!  We also both participated in the Pro-Winners JnJ like last year… where I drew the Novice winner Richard and Maxime drew the Intermediate winner Anna 🙂

We had a fun weekend with everybody…. our only regret is that we didn’t have the chance to social dance with everyone as much as we would have liked to!!!  But we hope to see everyone around at another event soon!!!

Until next time….

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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