Westie’s Angels 2!

Second year… even better than the first!!!  I am so grateful to be included in the staff at this wonderful event… I think it is such an important part of helping the community grow into stronger dancers!!  In case you haven’t heard about this event… West’s Angels was created last year by Olivier Massart, in order to help the ladies grow in their styling and personal dancing.  It was built for the ladies and was taught by top followers, with the help of some adv/all star leaders.  It was great last year, but the guys got a little jealous that there wasn’t really a lot for them…..

So this year… guys were welcome to come to some men’s styling classes as well as the normal group classes!  I think it was a huge success this year!!

The staff was the same ladies as before: myself, Emeline, and Virginie Massart, with the addition of the lovely Henriette!  The guys were Maxime, Arnaud and Olivier!  We all loved the set up this year.. the classes were mixed between solo ladies, solo guys and group classes!  We think it was a good balance for everyone! Each level of ladies had a total of 4 hours of solo classes… and the guys had 2… so it was still focused on the ladies, but the guys got something as well 😉

The event also had WSDC points for the first time this year!  Friday night we ran the swing 16 competition… which was a fun atmosphere as always! Saturday we had all the JnJ comps… Newcomer, Novice, Intermediate and Advanced/All Star!

It really was a great weekend… Still focused on workshops and styling, but with some of the feel of a typical WCS event… We liked the balance of the event and felt that this year was even better than the last year… We hope this event continues to grow…. but not too much or we won’t have any space to dance!! It was already a little tight this year! haha So if you want to be a part of next year, book early to reserve your spot!!  Hope to see you there!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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