This is coming late because I have been so crazy working on getting our new DVDs ready for you all!!

But I still wanted to do a blog for this little weekend!

We really enjoy going to Lille… the atmosphere is one of the best all year long!!  We love working for the AWCS team of Mikl, Pauline and Val!!  You guys are all so sweet and funny and treat us so good!!  We love the energy of all the classes because everyone is there to have a good time with us! 🙂

We love to see this community grow and see all the new faces that joined us for the first time this year, alongside all the familiar faces we saw throughout the last year 🙂

We are sad that this year we are not able to attend the event in Lille again in June… but we promise we will be there in 2018!!!

Thank you everyone for an awesome weekend!!  We hope you had a fun time with us!! 🙂

Merci beaucoup!

Bisous, bisous…

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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