Euro Dance!

Well it was another great year at the Euro Dance Festival in Germany!  We love attending this event every year!  The venue is just incredible!  So amazing that they get to rent out the whole Europa park for the event… and the majority of the hotels in the park too!

Every style of dance is represented at this event, which makes the bar atmosphere the best of any event we have ever attended!  Theres always a little bit of every dance involved in the battles in the Colleseo bar!  If you have ever been to Euro dance, then you know that the bar is the place to be each night!  It’s such a great time!

Each year, the West Coast Swing scene gets a little bigger… and this year was by far the biggest yet!!  There were more teachers than before, and a lot of great shows as well!  We were happy to be a part of the show with a new routine we choreographed with our good friends Olivier and Virginie Massart 🙂  It was the first time we performed our routine, and it was really fun!

We really hope to come back to this event, because it is always a weekend of great fun!!  We love teaching the workshops, and watching all the shows!  If you have never been to this event, and love to see all different styles of dance under one roof, then Euro Dance Festival is for you!!  We hope to see you there next year!!

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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