Warsaw Halloween Swing!!

Such a fun weekend!!! It was my first time in Poland, and I really hope it won’t be my last!!  I would love to visit when it’s a little warmer, but it doesn’t matter when you are in the hotel all weekend 🙂

We had heard so many great things about this event, and were really excited to be a part of it this year.  The hotel is wonderful!!  Really nice rooms, good food, fun bar, and great location!  It also really helps make the event even better when the organizers are great people!  Wayne and Aggi are so sweet and always want to make everyone happy!  They are always around answering questions and changing things to make more people happy!  I think thats a really important part of organizing an event!

We had a lot of fun on Friday… Our favorite class was the “Spooky Line Dance” class…. where we choreographed a fun dance to the Ghostbusters theme song!  We really enjoyed creating it and dancing it during the party with everyone!  We loved how many people didn’t know the routine, but still got up to try and learn it with the group!!  It was also fun to get all dressed up in Halloween costumes for the Strictly competitions…. Some people went so full out, it really made for a great atmosphere at the party!

Saturday was another fun night, with all the competition finals, pro shows, and another huge party!  The music was really great Saturday night…. My favorite set was Steve Hunt’s throwback set!!  Some fun 90’s songs that we haven’t heard in awhile that are so good to dance to!  It kept us up later than we had planned, which was okay since we had Daylight Savings working on our side and giving us an extra hour of sleep 😉

Sunday was a long day of work for us, filled with workshops and privates… But we were happy to relax and have a fun night when we were finished!  There was a fun contest Sunday night… an All European with a battle for the final!  It was a fun atmosphere to let loose for the last night!  We had a great weekend with the other staff… Ibi & Irina, Sean & Courtney and Diego & Jessica 🙂

Thanks for all the dances everyone, and for a great weekend! Hope to see everyone soon! 🙂

-Maxime and Torri 😉

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